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Armenia Museum Day

Tour some of the museums in Yerevan during International Museum Day celebrated in Armenia.


Tsitsernakaberd Armenian Genocide Memorial Complex

Come visit one of Armenia’s top historical sites located in Yerevan and learn about the history of the Armenian Genocide.

Yerevan Wine Days

Yerevan Wine Days is a vibrant and always welcomed event by both locals and tourist from around the world.  Started by the EventToura company in 2017, the Yerevan Wine Days event has become one of the biggest wine festivals in Yerevan, Armenia.

Explore Northern Avenue

Northern Avenue If you’re new to Yerevan and you are in the city center. Northern Avenue may be a place to check out if you’re looking for shopping, cafes and services.   You can find many name brand clothing stores such as Levi’s, Burberry, and Polo Ralph Lauren just to name a few.    If you are looking to grab...

Explore Victory Park

Victory Park   The beginnings First established in 1930 as Arabkir City Park but was later renamed Victory Park in 1950 to commemorate Armenia’s role in World War II in the Great Patriotic War which Armenians fought off Nazi Germany with the former Soviet Union.   Overlooking the park was a statue of Joseph Stalin which was later replaced with the Mother...

Yerevan Wine Festivals

Yerevan Wine Festivals   Armenia is rich in wine making culture.  The region is filled with wineries and vineyards.  You can find many brands and flavors of wines.  From spring to fall you can catch a wine festival in either the city or take transportation to one of the many wine festivals that occur outside the city such as the Areni Wine Festival.  As for the wine...

Megerian Carpet Factory and Museum

  Megerian Carpet Factory If you are looking for a traditional and authentic handmade Armenian carpet. The Megerian Carpet Factory is the place to visit.  By visiting the factory, you will learn how the fabrics are prepared, how the carpets are made, and much...

Ararat Brandy Factory

  Ararat Brandy Factory Founded in 1887, Ararat brandy is one of the oldest and very reputable brandy companies you will find in Armenia.  Located on a hill as you cross the Victory Bridge to the west and across from their former factory building the Erivan...