Yerevan Wine Days

A Taste of Armenia

Published: April 01, 2023

Yerevan Wine Days 


Yerevan Wine Days is a vibrant and always welcomed event by both locals and tourist from around the world.  Started by the EventToura company in 2017, the Yerevan Wine Days event has become one of the biggest wine festivals in Yerevan, Armenia.

The wine festival is usually held on the first week of June when the weather is warm to hot and occasionally the weather can become rainy at times but don’t let that stop you from enjoying your time at the festival.  You have three days to choose from.  In 2023 the event will start at 16:00 (4 PM) till 23:00 (11 PM) each day and occur during June 2,3 and 4.  You can find expected prices to the event below.

Event Zones

Yerevan Wine Days has different areas designated as “zones” which you can find each specialized event within the venue. Below are the following:



With the event being one of the biggest wine tasting events in Yerevan.  The wine zone will be occupied with over 40 Armenian wine producers this year and more that 500 wines on display.  You will find both new and popular brands as you journey through the event.

You can also buy wines from vendors, and have wines delivered within a few days. Check with the vendors first if they are providing delivery services.


Wine and Gastro Show

This zone is for presentations, wine, and gastro shows which require tickets and the events branded wine glass to enter.  It is also stated on the official site that you can bring a branded wine glass from past Yerevan Wine Days events instead of buying another branded glass.  The special presentations will be given in Armenian, English, and Russian.



The Gastro zone will be occupied with many unique food vendors.  While you are indulging in various amounts of Armenia’s finest wines, do not forget to check out some of the local food vendors and grab a bite to eat.



Since 2021, Yerevan Wine Days has provided a few local charities to occupy the event.  The charities usually have items for sale or engage in fundraising.  Stop by for a few minutes to help a good cause.



At the intersection of Tumanyan Street and Ghazar Parpetsi Street, you will find live on-stage entertainment from various bands during the event.


The above picture is from a past Yerevan Wine Days festival.  Examples of a branded wine glass, a wine glass holder, and a coupon booklet.

Specialized Wine Expo


For 2023, EventToura created a new event in conjunction with Yerevan Wine Days.  This event is a specialized event tailored to those doing business in the wine industry.   This event gives the opportunity for companies to meet some of Armenia’s finest wine specialist to answer questions and to create a business relationship within the Armenian wine industry.

As stated from the official event information.  There will be wine tasting as well as the ability to purchase exclusive wines.

The event will be located on Moskovyan Street at the intersection of Alexander Spendiaryan and extend to Stepan Zoryan Street.  It will start at 14:00 (4 PM) till 22:00 (11 PM) each day and occur during June 2,3 and 4.  The admission is Free but you will have to register as a Business Visitor to enter.

You can find detailed information on the “Wine Expo” event in conjunction with the main event. Just got to the Yerevan Wine Days home page.  Find the “Wine Expo” description and click on the “Learn More” button. Go to the Business Visitors section and click on the “Register” button.

Next is the Spirit of Armenia festival which usually occurs in September in English Park next to the Best Western Plus Congress Hotel on Italy Street and across from the Yerevan 2800th Anniversary Park.  You will find a great number of vendors of various Armenian wines much like the larger festivals. As with most wine festivals, you will need to purchase tickets and glasses to receive samples. 


Spirit of Armenia also has live entertainment and food stands available.  The festival is very enjoyable and has a very lively environment to enjoy your evening.


Expected Pricing


Currently, the venue has an individual package available, a ticket package, and some gift cards available on the official site. At the time of writing the Armenian Dram (AMD) was at a rate of around 388 AMD to the US Dollar.

The individual package called the “Wine Enjoying Package” is currently 12000 AMD or around 31.00 USD and consists of the following:


  • A branded wine glass

  • A two store wine bag

  • 12 tickets for wine tasting

  • Information about participating wines

  • Information booklet with restaurant discount coupons

  • Special offers and gifts from partners

  • Special note pages of select preferred wines.



A twelve count of wine tasting tickets will cost you 3000 AMD

A Wine and Gastro Show ticket will cost 2000 AMD at the event or you can purchase it for sale at 1000 AMD online only. There was not time listed when the sale will end on the site at the time of writing.


Various Gift Cards

There are various gift cards available for purchase from a gift card for an individual “Wine Enjoying Package” to various wine packages sold online.

Overall Thoughts

Overall the Yerevan Wine Days festival by EventToura is a must see attraction for those who are wishing to visit Armenia.   It is also a great first option before venturing to wineries and wine tours outside the city.  It will give you an opportunity to get exposure to an abundance of Armenian wines and local wine specialists to answer your wine questions and build up more adventurous thoughts before your next wine journey in Armenia.


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