Megerian Carpet Factory and Museum

Take a tour of one of Armenia's notable and traditional carpet factories


Megerian Carpet Factory

If you are looking for a traditional and authentic handmade Armenian carpet.

The Megerian Carpet Factory is the place to visit.  By visiting the factory, you

will learn how the fabrics are prepared, how the carpets are made, and much




Prior to the company’s establishment in Yerevan at the former Haygorg Rug

Factory in the early 2000’s, its roots date back to 1917 in the United States in

the city of New York by the grandfather of the current owners.  With his many

skills and care of antique rugs he soon would pass on the company to his

grandchildren in the 1970’s. 


After doing so, the family business became a worldwide name in the industry

by manufacturing high quality traditional Armenian handmade rugs.



At the current factory, you can buy beautifully handmade Armenian carpets

and rugs.  You can also purchase other items such as table clothes, pillows,

jewelry, and more.


Overall, the Megerian Carpet Factory is one to put on your to do list and take

a tour of one of many businesses to learn of the rich history and culture of




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