Explore Victory Park

A park with a military history

Victory Park


The beginnings

First established in 1930 as Arabkir City Park but was later renamed Victory Park in 1950 to commemorate Armenia’s role in World War II in the Great Patriotic War which Armenians fought off Nazi Germany with the former Soviet Union.


Overlooking the park was a statue of Joseph Stalin which was later replaced with the Mother Armenia statue after the fall of the Soviet Union in the 1990s.


Besides some of the historical relics on display outside the monument, you can also find a military museum inside the bottom of the Mother Armenia monument. 


In 1956 a small park was established for the people of the former Armenian Socialist Republic.  Still today the park exists with a few rides and gaming




Entering the park

As you walk into the current park.  You will notice it is very wooded andabundant with other vegetation from fruit to flowers.


You will also find many khachkars commemorating the fallen of past wars and before reaching the Mother Armenia statue you will find an old abandoned restaurant. 


The old abandoned restaurant was called the Aragil or translated to Stork in English.  Once a very popular Soviet era restaurant with fancy architecture with lots of outdoor room for guests. It also is a very nice spot during the day to see Mount Ararat if the weather is right.


Deeper inside the park you will find Lake Arevik where you will find a few restaurants and old remnants of the park that are no longer in use.  

Recently the park has been seen with new renovations and a new Ferris

wheel has been installed on the grounds.


Definitely, a great park to hang out in during the spring and summer months. If you do visit, don’t forget to take some time to relax and enjoy the views overlooking the city.  If the weather is just right, you can get a glimpse of Mount Ararat in the distance on the side of the path of khachkars.


Ararat Brandy Factory

Ararat Brandy Factory

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