Yerevan Wine Festivals

Immerse yourself in a rich history of wine culture

Yerevan Wine Festivals


Armenia is rich in wine making culture.  The region is filled with wineries and vineyards.  You can find many brands and flavors of wines.  From spring to fall you can catch a wine festival in either the city or take transportation to one of the many wine festivals that occur outside the city such as the Areni Wine Festival.  As for the wine festivals in Yerevan, you can attend the Yerevan Wine Days festival or the Spirit of Armenia wine festival.

Armenian Wine Brands

Listed below are many of the brands created by Armenian wineries which range from large factories to smaller operations.


• Akoom

• Anais

• Ariats

• ArmAs

• Armenia

• Armenian

• Art Armenia

• Artsakh

• Berdashen

• Bolgrad

• Chesar

• Frans

• Frunze

• Frunzik

• Gevorkian

• Halde

• Hin Areni

• Ijevan

• Jraghatspanyan

• Kara

• Kataro

• Keush

• Koor

• Kuash

• Lusarev

• M. Parajanov

• Map

• Matevosyan

• Meyron

• Mkhitar Gosh

• Nare

• Noa

• Nor Areni

• Noyan Tapan

• Orran

• Oshin

• Proshyan

• Qirs

• Qotol

• Sapar

• Sargon

• Simonyans

• Sutak

• Takar

• Takri

• Tus

• Tushpa

• Van Ardi

• Vedi Alco

• Voskeni

• Yacoubian-Hobbs

• Yellow Bee

• Yerevan

• Zakare

• Z’art

• Zorah

• Zulal


These are just the many produced, but not all that you can find in Yerevan. When the festivals begin you will possibly find a new brand or flavor of wine.



To start off with wine festivals in Yerevan. One of the bigger and most active festivals is the Yerevan Wine Days festival which occurs usually around May or June time frame. The event is staged on the streets of Tumanyan Street, Martiros Saryan Street, and Moskovyan Street.


To start the event, you can either buy packages online or at the event. The packages consist of tickets to purchase a pour of wine from many of the vendors at the event. Each vendor accepts certain amounts of tickets per pour of wine. From one ticket/coupon and more depending on the wine or vendors preference. So be prepared to buy many coupons if you plan on tasting many wines. Also, you must buy a wine glass at the desk if you didn’t buy a package to pick up online before any vendor will pour you a sip. You will most likely not be able to get samples.


There are bottles of wine, vodka, and brandy for purchase from the vendors and you can pop a bottle open to drink with your own cups or glasses at some of the rest areas. Enjoy your time with the live music and visit some of the food stands available.


Next is the Spirit of Armenia festival which usually occurs in September in English Park next to the Best Western Plus Congress Hotel on Italy Street and across from the Yerevan 2800th Anniversary Park.  You will find a great number of vendors of various Armenian wines much like the larger festivals. As with most wine festivals, you will need to purchase tickets and glasses to receive samples. 


Spirit of Armenia also has live entertainment and food stands available.  The festival is very enjoyable and has a very lively environment to enjoy your evening.


Stay tuned for information on these events if you’re looking for a good time drinking, socializing, and immersing yourself in the Armenian culture.


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