Ararat Brandy Factory

Take a tour of one of Armenia's most internationally reputable brandy factories.


Ararat Brandy Factory

Founded in 1887, Ararat brandy is one of the oldest and very reputable brandy companies you will find in Armenia.  Located on a hill as you cross the Victory Bridge to the west and across from their former factory building the Erivan Fortress currently home to the Noy brandy factory.


If you’re interested in tasting one of the most prestigious brands of Armenian brandy and brandies of the highest quality, then visiting the Ararat Brandy Factory is a must.


You will find out about the rich history of this famous brandy from some of the most impressive tour guides that the factory has to offer. 


You will discover how important Ararat Brandy has been for many decades from involvement with famous celebrities, world politicians, and other noteworthy people.


Inside the museum

When you start your guided tour of the museum, you will enter to see how Ararat brandy has become a global brand and you will also see the wide hallways lined with aging barrels of brandy.


You will also come up the Ararat “Peace Barrel” which is cradled in a white colored curved room with written notes and names of visitors.  Behind the barrel are the flags of the OSCE Minsk Group (United States, Russia, and France) as well as the flags of Armenia, Artsakh, and Azerbaijan which are in the present-day conflict despite a ceasefire agreement.   The plaque on the barrel reads “Set for aging in honor of the visit co-chairs of OSCE Minsk Group and will be opened when Karabakh conflict is resolved – Yerevan 2001”.


After being lectured on the remaining exhibits but before coming to the end of the tour and before you get to taste some samples of brandy, you will see the lineage of beautiful bottles of brandy inside glass cases from the beginnings to the present-day designs. 


Finally, you will come to a bright and well-decorated tasting room where you will be able to start your tasting experience.  Don’t worry, you will be assisted by your guide on how to properly enjoy your brandy and have some time to relax before your tour ends.


Types of brandies

Classic brandy


Ararat 3 Year (3 Stars)


Ararat 5 Year (5 Stars)


Ararat 7 Year Ani


Ararat 10 Year Akhtamar


Ararat 15 Year Vaspurakan


Ararat 20 Year Nairi


Dvin (Collection Reserve)


Flavored brandy


Ararat Apricot


Ararat Cherry


Ararat Coffee



Collector’s Editions


Yerevan 2800 Collector’s Edition


Limited Edition


Charles Aznavour Signature Blend


Single Cask


Vintage Collection


Armenia Exclusive Collection


Yerevan Exclusive Collection


These are just a few of the types known to be available but may there may be more!


On site store

After you have completed your tour and tasting you can explore the beautifully laid out store inside the factory. When you are there, you will be able to purchase the brandies, gift sets, glasses, candies, request labeling on certain bottles to make for yourself, family, or friends, and more.


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