Hotels and Lodging

Here are some categories to help with accommodations for your stay.  The list in each category is not a complete list of establishments for your stay.  You may want to do a search for more hotels, rentals, motels, or hostels if you have not found a place to your liking.

Hotels and Resorts

Armenia has some well known international hotel chains, as well as some well established historical hotels inside Yerevan. Let’s find a hotel right for your stay!

Inns, Motels and Hostels

Sometimes hotels and resorts can be expensive.  But other quality and budget friendly lodging can be available.  Inns, Motels and Hostels could be a good fit for your trip!

Guest Houses and Rentals

Long stays can get complicated.  If you are staying for a long duration.  Guest houses and Rentals may be more practical and less costly for long stays in Yerevan. Find one now!

Tours From Yerevan