Explore Erebuni Fortress

Take a tour and explore an ancient Urartian fortress


Erebuni Fortress

Erebuni Fortress is located in Yerevan City. The fortress was established in 782 B.C. by the former Armenian empire of Urartu by King Argishti I. The fortress is a major historical monument is a reminder of the former Greater Armenian Empire which stretched from the Caspian Sea to the Mediterranean Sea.


It was built to overlook what is now Yerevan and become a strategic position for logistics and planning for new campaigns as the current situation of the Urartian empire was under constant attack from surrounding empires both

old and new.

Excavations of Erebuni Fortress

Its excavation was started in the late 19th century, the early 1950s to  the late 1960s, and continues to the present day. The excavations have been a monumental task but have given an abundance of artifacts that have contributed to the story of the history of Armenia, its culture, and its people.


The excavation of artifacts and partial restoration of the site has helped open up the imagination to tourists in how the fortress operated on a daily basis and how it looked during its lifetime.


To help with opening your imagination you must first visit the museum below the fortress and take the tour to see the exhibits and read or listen to the in depth history of Erebuni Fortress. Once you have done so, you can buy a ticket to the fortress.

Journey to the fortress

To see the fortress, in reality, brings excitement and adventure to your journey. As you walk up the stairs and make your way to the trail you will see the massive stone walls that seem almost endless as it wraps around the hilltop.



Soon you are met by a large blue colored stone wall with wooden pillars and straw covered roof decorated with Urartian designs. You are able to walk up the steps to investigate the beauty of the art that once decorated the abundance of walls that no longer exist in the majority of the fortress. You can find a few remnants of the artistry but this one is amongst one of the best examples.




You can continue to walk around the remnants of the fortress and embrace the views as the Urartians did during the triumphant days of the Kingdom of Urartu. It can take from 2 to 3 hours maybe more to tour the museum and fortress so be prepared for a good part of the day to be dedicated to your adventure.