Explore Northern Avenue

Shops, Cafes and more

Northern Avenue

If you’re new to Yerevan and you are in the city center. Northern Avenue may be a place to check out if you’re looking for shopping, cafes and services.


You can find many name brand clothing stores such as Levi’s, Burberry, and Polo Ralph Lauren just to name a few. 


If you are looking to grab a coffee, lunch, or dinner. You can visit some places such as  Dragon Garden to grab Chinese or Japanese food. Many coffee shops such as Segafredo, Cinnabon, and The Coffee Shop are located on the walk down the strip.  


There is also an abundance of shops and eateries on the surrounding streets. So don’t let Northern Avenue limit you to what other great restaurants and stores you can visit in Yerevan.




If you need a cell phone or cable services for your stay you have some choices available. You can visit UCom, Team, or Viva-MTS. You may find some stores which provide cell phone accessories and more. 


As a plus to Northern Avenue, you can also visit the Tashir Street Shopping Centre which is located directly under Northern Avenue. Just take the elevator down to the café that connects to the gallery of stores or take one of the escalators down to check out some of the jewelry stores, home goods, toy stores, and more. 


Besides the shopping and restaurants. You can enjoy the many talented painters, musicians, and entertainers at night time on Northern Avenue. 

Ararat Brandy Factory

Ararat Brandy Factory

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