Taxis and Other Transportation

While staying in Yerevan. We have listed some available transportation services to get you started.  This list is only just a few options we have listed and not all the services or companies that Yerevan has to offer.  You can still search for more services or options to fit your needs.






Yandex Go



Bus Stops

Local minibusses, electric buses, and regular buses are common transportation in Yerevan. It can be difficult to find information on the routes and times for foreign travelers.

Below are some suggestions to help if you decide to take a bus.


  • Yandex Taxi

  • A2B 

  • Google Maps

Bus Stations

Central Bus Station


Northern Bus Station


Metro Stations

Barekamutyun Metro Station


Charbakh Metro Station


Garegin Nzhdehi Square Metro Station


Gortsaranayin Metro Station


Marshal Baghramyan Metro Station


Marshal Baghramyan
Transport Interchange

Republic Square Metro Station


Sasuntsi David Metro Station


Shengavit Metro Station


Yeritasardakan Metro Station


Yeritasardakan Transport Interchange


Zoravar Andranik Metro Station


Train Stations

Yerevan Railway Station

(South Caucasus Railway)